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    Using the Copper plus + cream with CBD, this cream is amazing. Soothes and helping with psoriasis on my hands and also found it to be good for helping with post-covid symptoms. I thoroughly recommend getting, really helpful guy, knowledgeable in his products and uses. Ships around the world, I'm in UK.

    -Tony Booy

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    I love the CBD copper cream and I use it personally for different issues that I deal with on a day-to-day basis!!!

    -Neil Mcalister

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    I am a very skeptical person and I don't give reviews but I just put Jefro's Botanicals copper plus on my shoulder that was giving me a great deal of pain. The relief was virtually immediate! I am absolutely a true believer! Thank you Jarrett!!!! I'm a life long customer!

    -Diane Payne

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    Partnered with BBB with our A+ rating!

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Welcome To Jefro's Botanicals

Pain is a prevalent issue that affects millions of people worldwide, limiting their quality of life and productivity. In the pursuit of effective pain relief, topical solutions have gained significant attention for their targeted and non-invasive approach. Among these solutions, Copper Plus+ Topical Pain Cream stands out as the option for individuals seeking relief from various types of pain.
Copper Plus+ Topical Pain Cream is a specialized formulation that harnesses the therapeutic properties of BioCopper1, a trace element known for its anti-inflammatory benefits. This cream is designed to be applied directly to the affected area, allowing for precise and localized pain management without the potential side effects associated with oral pain medications.
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Jarrett St. Amand (CPL USMC) is the person behind the persona. His story is real. His struggle is common. His solution is amazing. Having participated in Operation Restore Hope (1992) Somalia. Jarrett’s new mission is to create natural BioCopper1 products to help all ailing veterans. Jefro's Botanicals was born. Jefro’s award-winning creams are a combination of essential oils made from the highest quality ingredients possible offering quality, purity and efficacy. Just ask our labs at Level 1 Labs and C4 Labs located in Arizona, as we support our local companies.

Veterans For Healing


Learn more about how we help our veterans through our nonprofit www.VeteransForHealing.org and join our team! Help support your local veterans.


Best Topical Award


Voted 1st Place for Skincare Brand, Products and Capsules as well as two 2nd place finishes in Topical Brand and Products at the Phoenix Cannabis Awards Music Festival 2023! #1 Award in Topical Brand in 2022.


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