Recognizing Our Service Members With CBD Battle Balm

Jefro’s Botanicals is proud to produce our CBD balm that is designed specifically to address overall health and wellness goals. This CBD balm is a joint venture with Veterans for Healing and Fabian Henry. The proceeds from this product will be provided to veterans in the United States and Canada!

The Difference

Our CBD Battle Balm offers a 100% organic solution that some have found helpful for managing pain without the use of prescription or over-the-counter medications.

Our CBD Battle Balm also includes Bio-Cu1, a form of copper that is absorbed and used in the body. Copper1 helps to naturally boost the immune system, to enhance the vascular system by regrowing blood vessels, providing pro-oxidants, and boosting oxygen availability to the cells. Made locally in Phoenix, our CBD balm is available across the USA!

Copper healing power can also extend to the nervous system, helping to disrupt the pain pathways while also providing a natural analgesic (pain reliever). Our CBD balm is 100% natural and completely free from THC, which means there is no concern with using our CBD topical products if drug testing is a concern.

Free from GMOs and fully compliant with FDA standards, our CBD balm is an effective part of your natural health and wellness routine. For more information or to become an affiliate for Jefro’s Botanicals in Phoenix, reach out to us through our online form.