BIO-Cu1, Skin Renewal (Patented Copper Moisturizer)

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REVERSE DAMAGED SKIN? WHAT ABOUT PIMPLES? It's now out in the open. Copper (1) + Niacin complex is being investigated by scientists for use in skin healing products. Potential uses may be too many to list. Scientists today are currently testing this copper (1) product on burns and various wounds. NASA has even investigated its potential role in muscle building and the prevention of atrophy in space environment. In fact, Muscular Distrophy research is looking at copper (1), as a means to slow progression of muscle atrophy and waisting. In spite of all this promising news most people never discuss the anti microbial nature of copper 1, because it has so many potential uses that the anti microbial nature is over-looked. Even its sister molecule, copper 2, has anti microbial properties. Then there is the niacin. Vitamin b3. Vasodialator. Essential nutrient. Copper 1, orally was first used and suggested as a treatment for Spirochete bacterium. It's ionized state absorbs very quickly, even into and through skin by both active and passive transport, ( via follicles). In fact our bodies make an enzyme that specifically assists in the topical absorption of copper (1). Our bodies crave ionized copper. Plants manufacture ionized copper, out of copper 2!!! This 'Zitbuster' formula not only combats bacteria, it speeds up healing. How does copper assist in wound healing? Copper is essential to the growth of new blood vessels. Pure and simple. The makers of this special cream have used it on Burns, Acne, Scars and Bald Spots themselves.
NOTE! Order is for one month supply. For severe skin problems, Bio Cu1, is recommended as oral treatment. It may help accelerate results. Ingredients of this patented formula also contain proprietary blend of organic aromatic oils. Organic Shea/Mango butter, oxygen or ozone (trapped in MCT oil,) organic bees wax, organic trace Hemp in broad spectrum form, (to enhance dermal transport.) Copper (1) and Niacin.

Test Results of our base Copper (1) Hemp Cream are here for you! Just Copy & Paste the link below: